3 Tips For Healthy Skin

When seeking expert opinion on managing acne , most will agree…

When seeking expert opinion on managing acne most will agree that you should begin much serious look at your diet as your lifestyle before blaming the hormones.

Acne breakouts can be an exceptionally frustrating especially for those who are going through hormonal changes. This skin disorder affect people from every corner of this very globe. Acne problems are most commonly found on people’s faces, necks, backs and chest. For the most part it starts during puberty.

Acne Tip 1: Wash the face twice a day with a good, fruit acid based cleanser. Don’t exfoliate with anything gritty as you are going to reduce the protective layer of the skin and become red and blotchy. I recommend AHA products. You can find this dual function cleanser at Zit Zapper Bar on facebook or on www.zitzapperbar.com

After removing the makeup cleanse and moisturize the skin with a light moisturizer. Moisturizing will keep your skin balanced and prevent oiliness. This might sound like the complete opposite of what you are hear out there but you need to listen to the following explanation. Your body needs to stay in constant balance, a little dryness of the skin can spit out abundant amounts of body oils to moisturize it. That is a fact. And since the sweat and body oils stick together to form a heavy and sticky substance your pores will suffer; Hence the T-zone effect.
A typical mistake is made when trying to scrub the in hopes to get rid of large pores. Additionally don’t use any alcohol based or strong salicylic based products or astringents to tone the skin. It will leave the skin feel good for an hour and then it will become tight and eventually dry and then red. This imbalance will contribute to more oiliness. Use apple cider vinegar instead as it contains natural ingredients to combat bacteria and tone the skin.

Acne Tip 2: Keep this Hands Off The Face. I seems impossible to stop picking the skin but when you know that it creates more problems than good you may reconsider it next time you have a zit. Picking zits gives you a false sense of getting rid of it. Yes you get rid of the ugly white tip from the surface or even reduce the pain from swelling for a couple of hours.

But the truth is you can’t see what’s under the skin. You care spreading the infection under the skin just to see two more zits surrounding the one you’ve squeezed almost the next day. Try to find a pink solution that contains healing camphor with a small amount of salicylic acid. It is a spot treatment available online or in Sephora. It does not dehydrate the skin, it doesn’t cause peeling. Just heals it quickly and effectively.

Acne Tip 3: Be careful with your makeup. Don’t use heavy makeup thinking you might be concealing the zits. You effectively suffocate the skin and get more of the breakouts. Light mineral makeup is fine. Bare Minerals or Glominerals give you great coverage with less of the product on your skin.

Why does it work? Because minerals allow the skin to breathe. Yes it is more expensive but it is worth the money if it can make your skin clear again. Make sure to stop using makeup brushes, use makeup sponges that you can dispose frequently. I am talking about the makeup triangle sponges that you can get anywhere.

If you have long hair you need to stay away from using conditioning shampoos. They are too heavy and in fact they contain oils. When the hair touches the face all day long it becomes oily and it breaks you out. Keep the hair away from your face when actively breaking out but change your shampoo to Head And Shoulders with Zinc. Use conditioner separately from shampoo so that you can use less of it.

Acne Tip 4: Start eating healthier. Get rid of junk foods from your diet. Unfortunately what tastes good is bad for you when you have acne.

Everyone wants to have a healthy skin but when it comes to giving up the soda or pizza no one does it. There are consequences of eating the junk foods so it is your choice.
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