Zit Zapper Bar Method
@ Speranzi Facial Spa

Acne scar removal through microdermabrasion

Yolanda Russo, skin care expert and founder of Zit Zapper Bar has been successfully helping people overcome acne by implementing tried-and-true natural solutions such as application of blue light in addition to the botanically based ZitZapperBar skin care.

She believes acne is not a skin problem but an internal imbalance that can resolve quickly when appropriate steps are taken.

How can clean eating and nutritional support help breakouts? Simply said it strengthens the body and helps it to stay healthy.

What causes acne? There are many forms of acne, androgen, digestive, liver, hormonal etc. but no one really knows why we suffer from acne. In skin care we treat skin problems from inside out. We believe your lifestyle determines the health of your skin. Acne can show up on a skin in a response to stress that is put on your body. Also many breakouts occur largely during the periods of sugar spikes, poor nutrition that includes fried foods and over consumption of dairy products. Subtle changes in your lifestyle, such as sleep, relaxation and your skin care can easily prevent acne flare ups. Too harsh of the skin care products can work for a short time but will create an opposite effect when the protective layer of the skin is irritated or striped from the skin.

The amazing solution: Get a facial treatment such as acne facial to get the skin problems under control and follow the recommendation of the skin care professional on best skin care for your skin so that it can protect and prevent future breakouts. Zit Zapper Bar offers a way to quickly tame fresh breakouts. This inexpensive $25 facial treatment lasts 15 min or 30 min depending how many breakouts you have. No squeezing of any acne is done during this process.

How long will it take before your see the results? Immediately. Depending on the severity of acne typically it takes 2 acne facial treatments to get it under control and then weekly zit zapping sessions thereafter.

There is hope, find it at Speranzi Facial Spa today!

Disclaimer: Natural remedies work on its own however if you need a medical advise please see your dermatologist.