3 Steps to Clear Skin

Are you frustrated with all of those confusion around acne skin care?

Are you confused with all of the acne skin care? You are not alone.
Choosing the right skin care products is the first step in taming acne. However, your lifestyle change that eliminates toxins is more important than what you put on the skin. Digestive tract has mind-of-its-own. If you eat unhealthy foods it will reward you with a zit on your cheeks. On the other hand, if you are constantly stressing out and don’t get to wash your face regularly your body will reward you with zits on your forehead and sometimes on you neck!
There are many different reasons for acne or breakouts. Most of the time if you address it the right way and at the right time you can have your clear skin back in no time. I agree it could be confusing to know what and when to do it. Sometimes we play the wait-and-see game and other times we are more proactive and declare an immediate ‘attack’ on it by squeezing it.
Which method is the right one? It depends on the source of the problem. If you just ate three slices of pizza with loads of cheese on it, you will definitely break out the next day. And this will show up on your cheeks. Not on your chin so be sure of knowing the difference. You absolutely can’t squeeze those zits on your cheeks since the body is purging from the junk it has to deal with in your digestive tract. So what is the solution? Drink a lot of water. No sugary drinks and not dairy until you have it under control. When you do that you are helping the body to cleanse itself and reward you with clear skin.
Aside for your diet that needs adjustment you need to have a solid home care routine. Wash your face and moisturize it twice a day. Your skin care products will determine how quickly your skin is not going to be a problem skin. Occasional breakouts are expected and you should have enough of remedies and natural solution to fix your problem skin quickly without over drying it.

First step: Clean your face with a gentle face wash to eliminate dirt and excess oil. Some face wash contains salicylic acid that keeps the pores from clogging. Cleanser should be formulated for young skin and must be soap-free.
Clean face gently twice a day. Rinse with warm water and pat dry
Second step: Tone and Moisturize
Applying toner can be an extra step to help remove all traces of oil and dirt thus ready your acne skin for medication. Dab a toner on top of cotton wool and smooth gently in the entire face. And finish the skin care routine with a water based but not always oil-free moisturizer. Make sure the first five ingredients don’t contain wax or paraffin.
Third Step: Spot Treatment
There are several methods which they can implement for your own personal spot. Clay masks draw out excess oils and increase circulation. Wash it off with warm water. Follow up with an acne treatment such as medication, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or apple cider vinegar.


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