• All during my early years I suffered badly with acne. I was so shy and so embarrassed. All these feelings and no where to turn. Friends could never understand because they all had beautiful complexions. Forward to today, I got up the courage to make an appointment to see Yolanda. I have been with her since my first visit. She is a true professional. She has changed how I feel about myself. Through facials and microdermabrasion, I feel great and I look years younger. The products are so natural they compliment my skin and each product has its own purpose. I can go on and on about how great Yolanda is. However, you only need to make an appointment and you will find this out for yourself.
    Deborah Sullivan
  • I wish i knew how amazing this place was before. I'm very satisfied with my result after getting that acne facial done . I can see some improvements and Yolanda is so nice and give some great advice on how one should take care of their face .
    I wish i knew how amazing this place was before. I'm very satisfied with my result after getting that acne facial done . I can see some improvements and Yolanda is so nice and give some great advice on how one should take care of their face . Helpful?
  • I have been coming to see Yolanda at Speranzi for quite a while now and she works wonders on my skin! I have adult hormonal acne. Mainly on chin area. She just opened up a zit zapping room. Anytime I have a break out, i'll come in and in just 15 minutes my pimples are either significantly reduced in size or diminished! This zapper kills all the bacteria that forms these nasty zits with no pain!

    Tanya Mesh
  • Amazing facial experience. It was all that I wanted and more. I needed this "me" time so badly and I'm glad I spent it at the right place. Yolanda is great & extremely knowledgeable at what she does. She made feel comfortable & I felt like she really cared about my skin! I bought the products she used on my face because obviously, my current products weren't doing my skin any good because it didn't make my skin look and feel like how the cleanser & moisturizers did. I am excited that my face is on its way to healthy & radiant. Can't say enough about this place. Will absolutely recommend Speranzi to friends and family. :)

  • Simply amazing! I was on acne medication which was causing a lot of irritation but then I met Yolanda.. and got off the medication and started getting regular facials and used her products and my skin improved so much. She is so knowledgable. My friends and I that go here refer to her as our skin angel. So happy I found this place.

    Mireilly Meiss
  • Ok, long story short, this is not the facial spa for you if you are looking for a luxurious spa, replete with dim lighting, Zen music and soft fluffy robes. The spa itself is clean, neat and almost European spartan, housed in a small unassuming building on Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell, NJ.

    Bob M
  • "I loved the service! Yolanda has some much knowledge to share on skin care. My facials are always great and so relaxing. The microdermabrasion was fabulous and left my skin so soft and smooth. Every time I go there, I learn more and more things to use at home for face masks. I can't wait to go again soon!"

    Lisa R
  • Starting in high school, as an athlete, I began to suffer from mild acne. My mom brought me to Yolanda after seeing an ad in town. From our first session I saw immediate results. She identified all the issues with the skin care products I had been using and provided me with more natural products from her own line. Every so often I would go in for an "express facial" where Yolanda was able to treat my problems. Now, 3 years later I don't suffer from the same problems I did while in high school, but I still go for "express facials" whenever I am home as preventive measures. Overall, I have had nothing but a positive experience and would highly recommend that anyone suffering from any type of skincare issues visit Yolanda.

    Emily Banaszynski
  • Absolutely loved my facial! I received a gift certificate here and finally was able to use it. Not only did the facial show great results immediately but I was educated thoroughly about my skin type and how to take care of it. Definitely going to become a regular!

    Lyndsay Palianto
  • I literally left Speranzi's about a hour ago. I just had to come on here and write a review ASAP. I've been suffering from acne all my life, but it got really bad lately to the point that it had me depressed and embarrassed to leave my house. This was my first visit to Yolanda and I am so happy!!!! She was so insightful and made me have hope!! My wedding is at the end of the year and I know with Yolandas help I will be able to get the acne-free skin that I have always wanted!! I've tried dermatologists and a lot of products, but nothing compares to my experience with Yolanda. THANK YOU YOLANDA!! I can't wait for my next visit!!!

    Tara Minator
  • A colleague recommended Speranzi Facial Spa and I've been a big fan since my first visit! Yolanda is fantastic and has provided great suggestions for improving my skincare routine. My skin feels amazing after a facial and the products that she sells helps to ensure that feeling long after I leave!

    Lauren DiPrima
  • My skin has really been improving since I had the facial with Yolanda 3 weeks ago. I really feel less anxiety and have less surprises about my skin breaking out since seeing her. It's amazing. She has so much knowledge about skin. The Zit Zapper service is also excellent. I had been struggling with acne and discoloration. Right away she knew what was going on, and gave me a few simple suggestions to my daily routine that have left my skin looking much better. I have very sensitive skin (to perfume and artificial ingredients) and also have more tan skin (Indian background.) I'm so grateful that she was able to find the solutions for me so quickly. What's even better is that she wants you to have a permanent solution so you DON'T have to keep coming back. I would definitely recommend her to my friends, especially those struggling with acne.

    Kim Shah
  • Wonderful experience! I always thought that when I got older I would want to undergo a facelift of some kind but now that I'm there, I have decided that I just don't want to undergo something that could radically change my appearance and make me look unnatural. I look at pictures of people who've undergone facelifts and most don't look as beautiful as those who've aged with grace. So I am happy to have discovered Yolanda who is exercising my face just like I exercise my body and teaches me techniques to do at home. Every time I come to her, she teaches me something new about how to maintain my health as well as a more youthful appearance. The experience is very relaxing and enjoyable and produces results. I am a happy client and I anticipate being one for a long time to come.

    Deb Previti
  • I had my first microderm abrasion facial last week and was simply amazed by the result! My skin looks very clean and fresh, and feels great. I have been going to Speranzi Facial Spa for almost 3 years, and Yolanda is a great resource for skincare. My skin was super-sensitive and weak before, but with Yolanda‘s help and her products I am now able to maintain a healthy skin.

    Judith Grimm
  • There is no better place to go for microderm abrasion/facials! The products used are outstanding and hydrating and natural. I have sensitive skin, but yet had no problems with the products used. My skin is rejuvinated and now glowing! Thank you Speranzi!!

    Denise Shephard
  • Yolanda is the best, she uses only natural products no harsh chemicals at all. She makes you feel extremely comfortable while making your skin look and feel amazing.

    Vanessa DeNotaris

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    Mechanical exfoliation that is very safe and effective for any skin. It removes dead skin layers and the post acne scars. It stimulates collagen to grow new and healthy skin. Series of 4 are recommended.

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    Glycolic peel

    A glycolic acid peel, or alpha hydroxy acid peel, is a gentler form of exfoliation that melts the superficial layer of the skin. The glycolic peel process stimulates the production of new skin cells as a result evens out skin discoloration, reduces the pores and gives you an instant glow.

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    Acne Facial

    Acne facial targeted facial treatment that begins with a consultation to find out what are the possible causes of your breakouts. The products used contain AHA’s which is not only healing but exfoliating and helpful in melting the oils from your pores. The extractions are not first choice of our treatments unless you have deep blackheads. The use of the zit zapper light helps to shrinking the infections and starts the natural healing of acne.

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    This amazing program was developed to help you maintain and control the breakouts from becoming a disaster. Once you learn what to do this short 15 min or 30 min session should be enough to help you with a couple of breakouts. If you have more than a couple of breakouts you need to first get the acne facial to bring the skin into a balance.

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